Wingham Hospital Workers Abandoned By North Huron Council – #ShowSomeRespect #WinghamWakening

During these historic times firefighters and police officers around the planet are standing in solidarity with Health-care Workers by lighting up sirens and lights around hospitals during shift change (many at 7pm). Citizens post signs, bang pots, applaud, sing, cheer, etc. to show their appreciation while maintaining physical distancing.

Health-care workers see their colleagues succumb to Covid-19 around the globe yet still show up to fight for our lives. It would be similar to a firefighter dousing flames every second on the job, or a police officer facing live fire every second on the job, hence the unprecedented global movement by them showing respect and appreciation.

This global respect and promotion of health workers to the top tier of our hero hierarchy is well deserved and long overdue. Sadly and expectedly, North Huron council and senior staff have abandoned our heroes.

North Huron will not be offering Health-care Workers daycare despite an apparent request to do so. North Huron has plenty of idle staff and facilities to provide this much needed service for our essential workers. North Huron council can’t be bothered, mainly since they can’t get their photo in the paper for doing so due to physical distancing measures we are all supposed to abide by. If they could have gotten their photo in the paper while cutting a ribbon to open the daycare they likely would have shown our Health-care Workers the respect they deserve.

Please share this post to bring as much attention to this as possible in the hopes NH will be shamed into doing the right thing.

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North Huron council aka: “The Taxman” contact info:

Taxman Bernie Bailey:

Phone 1: (519) 357-4668

Phone 2: (519) 357-8708

Town Hall: (519) 357-3550

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Paul Heffer: 519-357-3594

Email:[email protected]

Taxman Anita Van Hittersum: 519-523-4492

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Chris Palmer: 519-357-3385

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Kevin Falconer: 519-955-0301

Email: [email protected]

Taxman Ric McBurney: 519-441-7415

Email: [email protected]

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