Public Notice: MVCA To Address Ripple Effects Of Failure To Protect Floodplain From McAmerica Burger (McDonalds) – New Restrictions For Countless More Property Owners Expected #WinghamWakening

As you all know the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority has failed to protect Wingham and Lowertown by allowing greedy developers to fill in the floodplain to make way for McAmerica Burger. Some of you may know McAmerica Burger as McDonald’s, a globally recognized symbol of America and greed, more recognized internationally than the American flag.

There is a special meeting at the Complex 24Mar2020 to address some of the first ripple effects of this mass failure. The new water levels will affect numerous properties, making insurance more expensive or impossible and more lands are expected to be under new restrictions. Reeve bernie bailey’s greedy “milk it for all you can” attitude meshes very well with the American philosophy of “greed is good”.

MVCA Meeting Regarding Wingham Floodplain

24March 2020 7-9pm @ Wingham Community Complex

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