Doug Kuyvenhoven Mugged – BIA Board Members Next On List If BIA Continues #DefundWinghamBIA

It was only a matter of time before things escalated in Wingham. Things have already turned violent when one of Bernie Bailey’s Bitches (kevin fascist falconer) physically attacked a Citizen for asking a question at a council meeting.

Afterlife scammer doug kuyvenhoven was mugged this afternoon to send a message to the rest of the Wingham BIA board, those that aim to steal our trailer park or put our children at risk. Your corruption will not be forgotten or forgiven and you will be mugged.

Nearly every business on Josephine St in Wingham is an unwilling victim of the BIA tax to which they receive zero benefit due to the corrupt leadership of doug kuyvenhoven. You might know doug kuyvenhoven from his afterlife scam which has bullied/extorted 3 million dollars from our Community’s vulnerable and superstitious over the last few years.

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