Death Wishes Mount For Corrupt Council & Developer(s) Stealing Public Lands – Taxes Double For Some – You Were Warned

Taxes are doubling for some Winghamites as their new assessments come in, crippling them financially. Some on a tight budget will lose their homes, that is just a fact of Facist Square Mile (Wingham). Yes Wingham is now under a facist regime, it has been officially since 14Aug2020 when a councillor physically attacked a Citizen for asking a question. The warning signs were there long before August, banning questions, comments, criticism, cameras and absolute bylaws that can’t be questioned or appealed.

You have likely heard the rumor or read online about how current Reeve bernie bailey has allegedly abused his power to get discount renovations done on his home in exchange for public land at pennies on the dollar. If true, you now know why they quashed the bylaw protecting the trailer park in a secret meeting and are so eager to “sell” it. The pressure wouldn’t be so high except the council blew that 400 home deal because the owners refused to give councillors a “cut”. It’s a cesspool of corruption, and the corrupt are cashing in at our Communities expense. All other lands will be stolen too, not that there is much left after what bernie bailey has done.

Death wishes have been expressed by countless victims of bernie bailey including the below:

“He should be shot”,

“Drown the fucker”

“$20,000 for three tv’s! Why hasn’t someone killed them yet”

“Why is he still alive”

“Time for shovel justice”

“Maybe it’s time for SSS, Shoot, Shovel & Shutup”

“If they make us pay the highest taxes in Ontario, maybe we should dig them the deepest hole”

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