Wingham & Area Teachers Keeping Sex Secrets With Students – Ordered To Not Tell Parents! #SaveOurChildren #EndTransgenderStorytimeGrooming

It is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is a fact according to the Avon Maitland School Board. Teachers have been ordered to keep secrets when students change their name, pronouns or clothes to be “transgender” and be sexual at school. For some reason AMDSB doesn’t want parents to find out, likely because in past times such behavior would have ended up with a lynching. 

From kindergarten onward our children are being sexualized, groomed and victimized in Wingham and area schools.

According to Avon Maitland School Board “Some students who identify as transgender have not shared their chosen gender identity at home. A school shall not disclose a student’s gender status to the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) without the student’s explicit prior consent. “


9 replies on “Wingham & Area Teachers Keeping Sex Secrets With Students – Ordered To Not Tell Parents! #SaveOurChildren #EndTransgenderStorytimeGrooming”

Everyone one that promotes this garbage to our children should all be in jail. When does a school board teach your children to lie and be deceitful to their parents. A corrupt school board that’s who.

Shouldn’t you be asking why do the children feel the need to hide from their parents? Shouldn’t parents be supportive of their kids and their choices?

Leave the kids alone!!!! They are not up for discussion when it comes to child grooming!

I wanna drive the car… not till you’re 16
I wanna vote… not till you’re 18
I wanna drink… not till you’re 19
I wanna sex change… have at it!!🤬🤬

What a discress I’m now wishing I didn’t come to wingham don’t even want to send my child to school hear after hearing this nonsense.

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