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Rainbow Flags Now To Be Flown All Summer After Hate Incidents In Heart Of Wingham – Can You Identify This Homophobe? #YouCantPrayTheGayAway

Within hours of rainbow flags going up at a restaurant in the heart of Wingham, there was a demand for them to be taken down by a hate filled religious extremist claiming to represent the entire Community. Hours later the restaurant was egged. 

According to the Homophobe Lady (AKA Homo-lady) the flags should NOT be seen by anyone. She felt so strongly that she violated the current stay at home order to vomit forth her hate and demands that the business she has never once used, do as she says. Homo-lady claimed her Rights were violated by the flags being flown in such a prominent location in Wingham. 

Homo-lady repeatedly refused leave when asked and stated she would pray for staff and customers. As you can see in the snapshot from the security system that she appears to be “praying the gay away” from customers.

In response to these outrageous redneck acts, Buck & Jo’s will now extend the flying of the Rainbow flags beyond June. One more month for the egging, and one month for Homo-lady propagating hate. Expect to see the flags when you drive through Wingham (7am -2pm) until the end of August, longer if there are more incidents.

 If you don’t like it, thank Homo-lady.

12 replies on “Rainbow Flags Now To Be Flown All Summer After Hate Incidents In Heart Of Wingham – Can You Identify This Homophobe? #YouCantPrayTheGayAway”

Homo-lady that is hilarious. Typical karen syndrome lol. Get a life loser the flag is for gay culture not “karens” .

What a lunatic! Strip that dipshit of her Canadian citizenship. Krazy kunt had to break the law (stay at home order) because her tiny little mind was offended. Grow the fuck up homo-lady and show some respect for other people’s rights you pathetic toddler. If you refused to leave my house/property when asked the FIRST time your chunky ass would be dragged out and/or knocked out. Show some respect you psycho!

There’s a stay at home order your frigging moron! How about you haul your fat ass over to Lucknow? Go back to your church pew and offer your children to the pervert conning you and your retard friends that are too frigging stupid to know any better.

If you were a dog they would put you down, sadly since you are human bitch they’ll let you live and wander freely. Try that trespassing shite in Lucknow, see if you make back to Wingham without a toe-tag. You deserve Bernie Bailey, the biggest bully in Ontario, and the hate and oppression he/it inspires. Bailey is a GIANT turd in a tiny pond making everything shitty as possible, just like homo-lady.

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