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Hook Green’s Up Or We Will – bernie bailey & North Huron’s Abuse Goes Viral

If you want a better neighbourhood, be better neighbours. 

What bernie bailey and his North Huron council are doing to Green’s Meat Market is abhorrent. Denying anyone water is despicable, and using access to water as leverage is reprehensible. 100% of Winghamites polled are appalled by bernie bailey’s abuse of Green’s Meat Market.

As a Winghamite I am deeply offended that we are denying an excellent neighbour access to OUR water. This is not bernie bailey’s water, it is the taxpayers’ of Wingham’s water. I have yet to encounter a single Winghamite who agrees with denying Green’s access to our water. This inequality and abuse must end.

Volunteers have stepped forward and are willing to bring their shovels and backhoes to hook Green’s Meat Market up to North Huron services if council still refuses to do so. All that is needed is Green’s Meat Market’s consent. One volunteer is eager to be charged so he can get Councillors on the witness stand in court, in order to expose the council’s extortion attempt as part of a pattern of abuse.

Have your say by contacting North Huron Council. Don’t waste another moment in fear before you stand up for what you know to be right.

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