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Bernie Bailey Continues To Bully And Oppress – Bailey, Palmer & Heffer Double Down On Hate, Intolerance & Equality

Bully bernie bailey was on North Huron council in 2010 when he championed banning the Pride flag by creating a policy to do so. This is the excuse our bully-in-chief and his puppets used to not fly the flag 11 years later in  2021. 

In short, bernie bailey says North Huron can’t fly the flag “because he said so” back in 2010. The rest of the council cowardly uses the same excuse “because bernie said so” to belittle and humiliate anyone that doesn’t conform to their straight-white-power philosophy. You have all likely seen homophobic lady doing the Nazi salute downtown Wingham under a Canadian flag she desecrated. This is life in North Huron under current council, malignant hate with no consequences.

Our Bully-in-chief is still ecstatic that he got rid of the poor people in the trailer park by quashing a by-law protecting it, and bulldozing the infrastructure at lightning speed to ensure the trailer people can’t return. Bernie bailey had been trying to get rid of the trailer people since 2010 so his buddies can have the land cheap as f***. The taxpayers were robbed once again.

At the 07June2021 council meeting they said the Pride flag will not be flown during Pride month, but maybe next year. Council & bailey very reluctantly agreed to review his flag policy by having town staff “look into it” for next year, which is an election year. You should watch the meeting just to see the look on bailey’s face when he agrees to have his policy reviewed, it really looks like he can taste the hate or is trying to keep down vomit. Nowhere near as funny as the “laple pin” incident though.

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Bernie Bailey is the most hate filled “man” out there. Have a few drinks with the drunk and he’ll start ranting and drooling about the gays and “the coloreds” and has no problem with the N word. He even brags about pissing on a cop and that they are powerless to do a thing about it. Don’t believe me, ask him. He ain’t shy about about his authoritarianism, racism or homophobia after a few. Most of his family curse his name for what he did to Sunrise Dairy. The violent thug turns everything to shit.

Time to bbq that Heffer! JK, he’ll burn in hell soon enough. He’s as bad as that 2-faced weasel Trevor!

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